DUP 2015 | Manual SB

DUP 2015 | Manual SB

Scotty Broome has been involved in wakeboarding for over 15 years, spending a majority of that time competing at the highest standard, both behind the boat and on the cable.

Combining his years of experience, Scotty knows what he wants in a board – Simplicity & durability while maintaining the performance he demands from his wakeboards.

Now featuring a 100% Paulonia core to not only increase response off the wake, but to highlight the underfoot feel of the simple design, allowing his smooth style to flow through. The wide outline with mellow tip and tail shape makes for strong boost from the wake, soft landings and smooth edge transition, the perfect combination.

New Stiff formula – in the past flex boards have been hit and miss behind the boat, the SB was worked around that by using a unique Fibreglass lay up to hold its shape for boat riding but still allowing flex characteristics in the park. Add to this the dropped edge profile, ABS sidewalls and Dyna 2 Base for ultimate park durability and you get the ideal crossover board.

Key Features:
- 100% Paulonia Timber Core (NEW for 2015)
- Flat line construction
- Dyna2 Base
- Stiff Flex
- ABS Sidewall
- Dropped Edge Profile
- PBT Deck
- 3 Stage Rocker

Available Sizes: 134 | 139 | 143


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